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The John Freida Volume Refresher

Thin hair. I suffer from it. I say suffer, because flicking through magazines and blog posts seeing lusciously thick locks greeting me on every page doesn’t get easier.

The two main problems? Gets greasy, and fast. And, refuses to hold any form of volume for longer than a trip down the garden path.

The John Freida Luxurious Volume range have decided to cash in on these problems and have introduced the Anytime Volume Refresher spray into our cosmetic drawer.

I wouldn’t expect this to be grouped with the dry shampoo, in fact I’d place it with the volumising hair spray. But, there is definitely an element of clean when you spray this into your roots. For the end of a busy day when your hair does just need a little lift and a little refresh a few spritz of this into your roots will work wonders.

It gives the subtlest of lifts to the roots, that takes on fine hair well, however it still hasn’t conquered and the volume doesn’t last as long as I’d want it to. The refreshing scent will perk you and your roots up making this little blue bottle a great hand bag staple for the end of the day.

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