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Superdrug does Wireless Festival

Friday 1st July to Sunday 3rd July can only mean one thing – Wireless Festival at Hyde Park in London! Superdrug were one of the main sponsors so I jumped at the chance to experience the music delights and also perks of the Superdrug tent.

The Saturday line up had some hidden gems. Some of the acts I caught were quite unknown to me but were amazing. I watched:

  • Janelle Monae
  • Ke$ha
  • Katy B
  • The Streets
  • J.Cole
  • Battles
  • The Chemical Brothers.


When I wasn’t watching the acts, I was wandering around the site trying to get my bearings and seeing what Wireless had to offer. It was one of the most impressive non-camping festival I’ve ever been to. The grounds were perfect and so were the stages. I’m not being biased, but the Superdrug tent was the absolute highlight of my day! Despite going to countless camping festivals I’ve always been put off by the unhygienic side of things; I cannot stand the toilets. The sights of the portaloos and the stench just completely ruin my festival experience; I want to feel fresh and fabulous and wow, Superdrug pulled out all the stops to make that possible!

If you brought along your Superdrug Beautycard, you were in for a treat! Cardholders were entitled to unlimited entry into the luxury toilets, complete with clean and tidy toilets, just amazing in my opinion!

The entrance to the toilets

L to r – the many toilet rolls in the luxury loos and me in the mirrors!

And that’s not even it! When you emerged from the toilets you had access to all the Superdrug goodies they had to offer. Products included hand santizer gel, make up wipes, baby wipes, dry shampoo, deodorants and perfume – all festival must haves!

Two of my favourite products, deodorant and dry shampoo!

In the Superdrug tent there were MUA make up artists on hand to paint your nails and adorn your face with gemstones – suiting the hot summers day festival vibe! My make up artist was a lovely, chatty girl who really made the experience even more pleasurable – hats off to Superdrug!

My nails applied a top coat of MUA silver crackle effect nail varnish, and my face with 2true gemstones!

The Superdrug tent was also a great place to chill out inbetween watching bands. The bean bags made the place feel comfortable and homely, I had a nice chill and chat with Katie who has helped me on the path of being a Superdrug Insider! Was great to finally meet!

ultimate chill out zone!

My favourite act of the day was Ke$ha. She was completely insane, the dancers were quirky and diving and crawling around the stage and to top it off, she had so many hits to sing it was just brilliant. The whole crowd were loving her, especially during the encore when she pumped lots of confetti and novelty dollar bills into the crowd!

Another part of the festival life is the food. I can’t say I am a fan of the quality OR the prices. I bought a small chips which cost me ¬£3, and they tasted like polystyrene. Very gutting!

All in all, it was a fantastic day, topped off by The Chemical Brothers (“hey girls…hey boys!”). The last tube home was pretty much a nightmare and so was the 4 hour trip home in which we got lost. However, the lack of sleep the night before (think it was the excitement!) was made up for by countless ciders (at ¬£4 a pop!!) and having a little boogie to the various acts. Brilliant day and an event Superdrug can take all the praise for with their magnificent toilets – “It’s not just points its¬†privileges”! xo

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