Musing of a Beauty Ed. Fashion Week!

I donned my camera, trusty Dictaphone and killer heels (to keep up with those Supers!), to go backstage at Fashion Week. Here are some of the good, gorgeous and slightly daring beauty trends…

The Power Ponytail

Remember these two little words, ‘Power’ and ‘Ponytail’. Put the two together and you have the coolest trend combo of the season. At NYC models had a ‘we don’t give a damn!’ look about them, as they stomped down the runway at DKNY and Marc Jacobs, whipping their ultra fierce pony’s to and fro. 80’s power suit? What 80’s power suit? The modern woman lets her sharp and slick hairstyle make the dominant statement. Fix in place for 9 to 5 longevity with TRESemmé Hairspray Extra Firm.

Red lips

Celebrity make-up artist, Gucci Westman, just gets ‘it’. Whatever the ‘it’ of the season is. At Temperley it was red lippy stealing the beauty spotlight. Strawberry Suede and Really Red from Revlon provided the matte base, then Just Bitten lipstain gave that provocative finish. 1, 2, 3… Mwah!

Mouse chic?

Topshop Unique looked to Disney HQ for inspiration and gave girls Mickey Mouse ears! Yes, really. Created by splitting hair into high bunches and looping each pony back on itself, then securing with a ribbon. Voila! Ears quicker than you can say, ‘squeak’! To complete the cartoon-chic look, a ridiculously cute black nose was drawn on the girl’s noses. Fancy a go? Simply grab a kohl pencil and unleash your inner artiste. Try L’Oreal Studio Secrets Eyeliner Black 590.

To boldly go…

The iconic Pam Hogg didn’t disappoint, with extravagant clothes and hair pieces to make Lady Gaga, go well, gaga. The make-up looked almost otherworldly – with ghost-pale complexions, boldly defined and exaggerated, blacked-out brows. Okay, so you wouldn’t exactly give the look a go on a Friday night, but you can tailor the look to make it a tad more wearable. Try defining your eyebrows a bit more than you would normally. And ditch the fake tan for a week and try a look favoured by Daisy Lowe. And for the hair? Clip in a faux pony or fringe!

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