L’Oreal Lip Goodies

After arriving back from holiday it was a pleasant surprise to come home to some L’Oreal lipglosses and a lip glow. In Florida my lips were feeling the heat a bit, sun damaged and dry, so this was perfect timing!

The Glam Shine Fresh Glosses come in an array of colours and are in Superdrug stores now;

Upon applying the glosses to my lips, I didn’t really notice a great difference between them all. They all provided them with a sticky, moist coating but not much colour was added, which was surprising as the pink gloss is very vibrant in the tube. The blue gloss was the one I wanted to try first – I was sceptical of the colour and what it could do to enhance my lips. It applied very neutral and just added lots of glossiness. I have to say, I’m definitely more of a lipstick girl. I like adding colour to my lips rather than a shine; I’m all about matte! These products are great for chucking on in the day though, or if you want to rehydrate them.

Shade  183 Aqua Pomegranate.

Lastly and probably the most intriguing product Superdrug have ever sent me: L’Oreal Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow in ‘Unique Shade’.

Wow, I definitely wasn’t expecting what I saw when I first opened the lipstick – a bright pink/orangey glowing stick smelling incredibly sweet. This product is completely neutral when you first apply it (infact I was unsure how much to apply as its completely invisible!), then you wait a few minutes and it ‘chooses’ the right shade to match your skin tone. My chosen shade was salmon pink which although was nice, was incredibly subtle. L’Oreal, I’m not sure I am buying into this! I’d rather know what colour is going to grace my lips I’m going to get from the shade on the packaging. Plus, the results were quite underwhelming.

See what I mean? The results were quite similar to the glosses. Very slight colour added to my lips.

All in all, L’Oreal have been innovative with this product but for my lips and style, it didn’t quite hit the mark here. A very intriguing product though, if you want to see what shade this magical stick will come up with, Universal Lip Glow hits Superdrug stores on August 31st xo

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