Killer Lashes!

As a general rule I’ve never been a big fan of false eyelashes but Superdrug have managed to convert me!

A week or so ago they sent me three pairs of Superdrug LASH Volume lashes in three different editions, volume (#21), intense volume (#31) and double volume (#40) and since then I’ve been sporting a variety of killer lashes around London.

I have used false eyelashes before and what immediately struck me when I saw the lashes was the packaging. It’s very well put together and gives the impression of a high quality product. When I looked up the price which is only £3.99 I was even more impressed because I’ve found that good quality lashes tend to be at least a fiver.

The lashes were easy to put on and the little left and right indicator on the tray is a handy guide of where to put which lash. The directions for application are clear and detailed on the back which I thought was great for false lash virgins.

And best of all was the result!

I didn’t really expect a huge change but one look in the mirror and I knew I’d been way too sceptical. My lashes looked thick and full and my eyes looked bigger than they have ever done.

I used all three lashes on three different occasions and was very pleased each time. I skipped the mascara as I wanted to reuse them and the packet says that if looked after properly the lashes can be used up to three times which is great as I fully intend to do just that.

Needless to say I highly recommend these lashes to anyone who has flirted with the idea of giving their eyelashes a boost. The results are spectacular and the lashes by far the best false eyelashes I have ever come across.

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