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Hieroglyphic Nail Art at London Fashion Week

Check out the ‘Grazia Daily Nail’ page – ultra cool nails at London Fashion Week by fellow session nail tech Sophy Robson. The Grazia editor recreated the nail look by using my Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Stripe & Sparkle. There are six colours that have ultra thin brushes with a pot of fine glitter for sprinkling on the top.

My tip for doing your less dominant hand is to balance your hands on a flat surface to gain control, dont over load your brush with paint and work slowly.

Stand by for my back stage shots of the nails created by team Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique at London Fashion Week, this week, for the designer ‘ANTIPODiUM’

  1. Powdered Almond on Friday 23, 2011

    These look fab! I think these would look amazing in metallic and dark colours, like burgundys and dark greens. Might give it a go! x

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