As far as music festivals go I have been to several, and they were all very different both in experience and cost! I want to show you that whatever your budget this Summer you can find a way to have fun and enjoy some great music.

Leeds Festival

Me and my friends at Leeds 2007.

Leeds and weekend camping festivals like it can be very expensive. By the time you factor in the ticket cost, transportation, food, drink, tent and general supplies you are talking about spending a good few hundred pounds. But, it can be very, very fun. My highlights of Leeds Festival include watching Jimmy Eat World (Jimmy Eat World at Leeds Festival 2007), the Kings of Leon and seeing Russell Kane in the comedy tent. That said, I had one of the ultimate low points of my life at this festival- GETTING HUMAN POO ON MY LEG. The toilets were truly disgusting, like being transported back in time to the Middle Ages. All I can say is thank God for tights, those 15 deniers were all that shielded me from the complete and utter horror and dismay! Everything else at festivals is great, but here are my tips for surviving festival toilets…


  • Take plenty of toilet roll: that way you can line the seats (or the ‘troughs’) and avoid a similar fate to mine.
  • Take your own hand sanitizer: Leeds didn’t have running water in the toilets, just hand sanitizer…but everyone is touching it after they go to the toilet so it’s a bit err….disgusting really!
  • Take some Vick’s Vapour Rub: this is my cousin’s tip (she also recommends taking a funnel, but that is for the more unabashed festival going females) and truly ingenious- the toilets get to smell horrific, so take the Vick’s with you, hold it to your nose and the smell will be obliterated.
  • Always take someone with you: to guard your door and check for Peeping Toms (rumours run riot that creepy men swim in the troughs and that boy’s can see the reflection of girl’s bums in the water haha!)

St Helen’s Live Music Festival

N-Dubz in St. Helen's! Na Na Niii.

This was a much cheaper option, and for me just as exciting. Last Summer St. Helen’s held a music festival for one day in the town centre, and for just a couple of pounds my sister and I got to enjoy loads of great live music, including Chipmunk and N-Dubz (my favourite band, they were amazing!) Lots of towns hold festivals like this, if not music ones then art, food or weird ones like cheese-rolling!

Matthew Street Festival

Matthew Street Festival.

The Matthew Street Festival happens every year in Liverpool at the end of August. It is a free music festival which holds host to loads of bands and tribute acts. Liverpool is always completely packed and there is a brilliant atmosphere. When it is sunny and you can sit around on the grass with your friends listening to music it is just like being at a camping festival- but FREE! Unfortunately Liverpool isn’t famed for its sunshine- and one year my friend and I ended up wetter than I have ever been before.

You don't need to go to Glastonbury to get soaked at a festival! The rain brought out the best in my fringe I think...urgh!

The experiences I have had at this free festival were probably even better than at Leeds!

Or if you’re lucky you might come across a free festival whilst on holiday like my sister and I did. We were in Tarragona in Spain when we stumbled across people doing this….

People making a tower in Tarragona.

…as part of a festival! We could have joined in but that undoubtedly would have resulted in a near-death experience.

So, if you want to go to a festival this year there are thousands of choices. Even if you don’t have any money you can still have a great time, all you need are some good friends : ) I hope you find one that suits you and your budget this Summer!!!

Lots of love,

Rosanna xxx


Sorry to put a downer on things- but in many countries festivals involve exceedingly poor treatment of animals. PETA are trying to put an end to Spain’s ‘Running of the Bulls’ festival, and other festivals involving bullfighting- if you are interested in signing their petition please search Google for PETA bullfighting petition. I don’t want to put the link up because the site contains an upsetting video (you have to click on it to watch it- you can sign the petition without seeing anything bad.)

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