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Face mask treats!

They’re a ritual at first sleepovers and a regular at health spa’s; face masks are a quick fix from bad dry skin to an illuminating refreshed face.

I spotted one in my drawer I’d had since one of the first couple of Superdrug Summer Insider goodie bags, I’d forgotten all about it! I’ve always seen them as a novelty but picking the right one for your skin can improve and nourish it.

The face mask was Crystallised Honey & Passion Flower Crystal Masque by Montagne Jeunesse (which is a bit of a mouthful!) It promised to condition my skin and leave it feeling silky smooth.

Not looking my best I must admit! But me with the face mask on – shiny crystallised face!

Okay so I LOVED this face mask. It smelled delicious, the notes of honey were particularly lovely and the texture was great. It wasn’t too thick nor did it swamp my face or drip. The colour of the face mask wasn’t too pigmented however so my face just looked really shiny with bits of crystals all over – not your classic bright green mask with cucumber placed over the eyes! The “warm exfoliating” aspect of the mask didn’t disappoint either. My face felt toasty and warmed me up on a cold winter night!

Instead of shelling out for expensive facials, the Montagne Jeunesse face mask is a cheap way to a smooth and youthful face! They’re also great stocking fillers and Secret Santa wrap ups! And the great thing is boys can get in on the action too with the face mask especially designed for men.

Think I’ll be stocking up on more face masks to look fresh faced for all christmas night out’s I’ve got planned!

Hollie xo

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